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This is the black Moose of the crew.

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Its beauty emanates from an absolutely minimalist design, which makes it the perfect,
most unique stylish Moose

Weight: 45.359 kg


Its all black everything echoes the same solid.
Powerful stature as New Zealand's own all blacks.

Solid and Powerful

It is an amalgam of mutually relying style
and subsance, which makes the perfect recipe
for an aesthetic mystery on two matte-black wheels.

Make it mine

How fast can one speed go?

To answer the question directly:
yes, although they are one speed rides,
they are still very fast.

Our Moose however, in terms of pure performance, do not compare to pro cyclist bicycles that weight less than newborns and that cost thousands of dollars. For urban riders, this represents a twofold advanrage: for one, our Moose, evidently heavier than Tour de France's bikes, are much tougher and resist well to the punishment of Canada's roads. Second, you just do not want to lock up a bike that cost you two our three times your montly appartment rent; you never know what can happen. Although being very high-quality rides, our Moose are affordable, which makes them less susceptible to robbery.

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Every Moose has

Convertable Rear Hub

That allows the rider to switch
from a fixed gear to a single speed

Once you've made yourself owner of a


it will promptly travel across Canada,
and will be knocking at your door within 2-4 business days.

Regular price $499.00

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Moose specialist
which should get back to you very shortly thereafter.

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Our rides are simply the most convenient and pleasurable means of transportation
in an urban environment. Ok! I grant to you, fellow Canadians: maybe during the winter
it's not the best way to get to your daily destinations. But for the most part...



is truly a blast

You don't know how what size you should choose?

Just follow this size chart so you can get your hands on the perfect beast.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us using our live chat or email us at


size top tube head tube fork offset seat tube chain stay head tube angle middle tube angle down tube angle chain stay angle
46cm 52.5 68 384.5 46 40.5 72° 104° 60° 60.5°
50cm 55.2 80 384.5 50 40.5 75° 104° 60° 67°
54cm 55.4 115 384.5 54 40.5 71° 106° 60° 68°
58cm 55.4 140 384.5 58 40.5 70° 106° 60° 65°