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Why buy in Canada?

MONEY: it simply costs less. The prices shown on city bike companies from the US do not include taxes and customs, which, most of the times, vary from 120$ to 180$ extra fees.

SERVICE: we pride ourself on providing an excellent, and very personal service to our Canadian customers all over the country.

BELONGING: the identity of Moose Bicycle Co is deeply ingrained in the larger identity of Canadians. Surely, you noted that the inspiration that gave birth to our company is nothing other than a strong, powerful, and beautiful Canadian symbol. This is simply who we are, and you, Canadians, are who we represent.

Do I need to assemble the bike when it arrives?

Yes. Your Moose will arrive home 90% assembled. We recommend you have it assembled by a professional bike technician (found in any bike shop), or else a friend that is knowledgeable about bikes, if ever you are not comfortable with bikes yourself.

How fast can a one speed bike go?

To answer the question directly : Yes, although they are one speed rides, they are still very fast.

Our Moose however, in terms of pure performance, do not compare to pro cyclist bicycles that weigh less than newborns and that cost thousands of dollars. For urban riders, this represents a twofold advantage : for one, our Moose, are evidently heavier than Tour de France's bikes, are much tougher and resist well to the punishment of Canada's roads. Second, you just do not want to lock up a bike that costs you two our three times your montly appartment rent; you never know what can happen. Although being very high-quality rides, our Moose are affordable, which makes them less susceptible to robbery.

Can you climb hills with it?

You will be surprised by the versatility of a Moose. While I wouldn’t recommend the everyday rider to climb the Pyrenees with his MB, our bikes are surprisingly effective at climbing hills that are quite steep.

Some US companies sell at lower prices

You might find lower prices displayed by some American companies. However, their prices do not take into account the shipping to Canada and, the worst surprise of all: once you get the bike at your door, you might jump with surprise when looking at the customs duties.

Are these Moose heavy?

To tell the truth, no; our Moose are not as heavy as their organic counterparts. Hope you are not too disappointed. They're not heavy, but they're not as light as carbon fiber bikes either. Depending on the size, their weight ranges from 21 to 23 pounds. Every ounce is made of solid material that makes our bikes tough enough for the task required of them.