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We are an emerging e-commerce bicycle company, defined by our ability to provide both superior product accessibility & superior quality. We bring value to consumers across Canada and the United States in the form of quality bikes, reduced prices, and second-to-none after-sale customer service. Furthermore, all bikes are and forever will be shipped at no charge.


Our goal is straightforward: put people on bikes, period.


Moose Bicycle was born in the minds of three young and ambitious entrepreneurs, who desired to increase consumers’ accessibility to cool and quality bikes. Selling directly to consumers allowed the company to put into reality its strategic alignment, namely to sell bikes at lower prices with prodigious customer satisfaction.

So, you want to get from A to B...

You could wait for the next bus. And wait.
You could squeeze into a stuffy train and bunch up with a zillion other people.

Or, you could put your feet to the pedals and realize the uncompromising advantages
of riding a Moose. Saving money, saving time, staying in shape, and looking like a total boss doing it.

What more could you ask for? Here is what more: a great ride. And they have a name for great rides.
They call those Moose Bicycles.

Now, I know what you're thinking:
"can modern transportation really be as convenient, economical, and sexy as that?"

Well, if I were you, I'd answer myself in a voice resembling Morgan Freeman:
"Yes, yes it can. It's a Moose"

And, unlike a horse, it'll wait right where you left it
(but seriously, you should probably lock it up).

Canada, we're bringing the city bike back!

Ride your Moose!