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Moose Bicycle

At Moose Bicycle of Canada, our mission is simple

We wish to liberalize the bicycle as a means of transport by making it more attractive and affordable. We wish to accomplish this mission by working with our greatest ambassadors: Our clients.

Our goal is not to win the Tour de France one day but to reach a maximum of users and convince them of the viability of the bicycle as an alternate means of transportation.

Moose was born in 2013 in a garage in the suburbs of Gatineau, QC. It was created by three friends with a fierce passion for bicycling and cross-country skiing. Having worked for an American company trying to establish itself in Canada, they rapidly developed a network with key actors of the industry.

Our yearly production went from a mere 50 units in 2014 to more than 4,000 units last year. We have since surrounded ourselves with designers, engineers and experienced technicians. Our philosophy hasn’t changed, though, we still wish to provide an affordable and attractive means of transportation, suitable for all seasons.

Yours very truly, Etienne & Michael