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  1. Goldmember

    This is the kind of Moose that'll make
    everyone stop and stare for a while. Learn More
  2. Stout

    This is the black Moose of the crew. Learn More
  3. Vegas

    This fabulous Vegas is one of the finest
    piece of bike you'll ever encounter. Learn More
  4. Westmount

    no other word could better describe this amazing ride. Learn More
  5. Rye


    Here is a first fact of life: rye is constantly underestimated.

    ‘’If I don't get rye whiskey, well, I think I will die’’

    Believe it or not, these are lyrics from country singer Tex Ritter. Tex understood what rye was about: it’s simply the best.

    Those of you who, like us, love rye bread, will agree with Tex and the Moose crew: rye is the best.

    So the second fact of life, namely that rye is the best, made us devote a whole line of amazing fix gear to this Secale cereale: the Rye.

    Now yours to enjoy!

    Learn More
  6. Denim

    We must admit,
    the Denim holds a special
    place in our hearts. Learn More