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Vee Tire Snow Avalanche 27.5 X 4.5 (Non-Studded)

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Vee Tire Snow Avalanche 27.5 X 4.5 (Non-Studded)

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Obviously, Snow Avalanche is aimed at fat-bike riders who won’t let snow and ice spoil their ride, so it is fully compatible with up to 148 studs for increased mechanical traction.

Snow and ice aren’t Snow Avalanche Snowballs only party tricks though, using a tread pattern based on our popular Crown Gem mountain bike model, this fat tire is a flyer in loose dirt, on hardpacked surfaces, across grass and anywhere else your fat bike can go (which is pretty much anywhere).

All told, Snow Avalanche loats over fresh snow, smooths out steps and soaks gnarly roots.

- Studdeable (148 studs)

- Wire bead (Take off from new bike).

- 72 TPI

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